Studio Colette: Digital Fine Art

The Artist

Having always been drawn to everything beautiful in both nature, objects, linens, seeking and lovely light…I have evolved as a creative digital artist and writer.

“Art and words are meant to ignite the wonder, wander & Wisdom of ALL you are…now and forever.” mc

Studio Colette was incorporated in January 2006 as my answer to balance both an income (while honoring my creative gifts), and motherhood—having left my beautiful home furnishings boutique in Hoboken, NJ—behind. I am proud to say that my inspiration comes directly from my heart and my STRONG desire to bring more peace and more beauty into this already Ahmazing World by capturing Life through the lens of my camera and then creating art & writing for those who resonate with the peaceful feeling my work offers.

My background includes days, nights, months and years of practice, patience, triumphs, lean times, grit, growing, living and learning. I have honed my aesthetic, arranging skills, my editing skills, my business skills…all through practice, trial & error and the help, patience, technical knowledge & support of my wonderful & kind husband. No…I did not have formal art or writing training other than experience.

“Let the window of your soul be opened by the creative expression that comes through another’s life journey.” mc

The Art

Using only natural sunlight—with my camera—I capture the essence of what I consider to be Beautiful Life after which I use digital paintbrushes & editing tools to render a more graceful appearance. In other words…Digital Camera + Digital Paintbrushes (Photoshop) + Digital Editing Tools + Fine Art Papers & Inks + Hand Signed + Production in my CA Studio + Time, lots and lots of time = Digital Fine Art AND a sense of Peace, Calm & Beautiful Life through art & words.